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ARCHIVE VIDEO: Ronan O'Gara on how Donal Walsh reinforced there is more to life than rugby

Barry Egan speaks to Ronan O'Gara about the death of a colleague and how Donal Walsh changed his thinking and outlook on life.

Ronan O’Gara has dedicated his life to the game of rugby to be the best he can be, but says Donal Walsh helped give perspective.

O'Gara helped carry the young Kerry man’s coffin at the funeral in Tralee last May and says he learned about life from the heroic young man who was with us all too briefly.

"I think he transformed the mindset of this country with one speech," Ronan says.

Perhaps more than anyone in recent times in this country, Donal taught us to live in the present.

"Absolutely. And I have done that. I was doing that before anything happened," he says. "He just sent my mind into overtime. His funeral was exceptionally sad but it was beautiful in another way," Ronan says.

You have to be astounded by the level of intellect and capabilities of Donal Walsh. You think a lot about him ... "

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