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ARCHIVE VIDEO: Mini car takes on Storm Eleanor as it drives through crashing waves on flooded Salthill Promenade

Video footage captured this evening shows a person driving a Mini Cooper through a flooded Salthill Promenade.

The Promenade was deemed impassable due to severe flooding as Storm Eleanor continues to batter the country.

The footage shows the motorist driving along the coast as waves crash against the car.

"I thought it was going to be swept away. I have never seen anything like it before", a spokesman for The Latin Quarter told Independent.ie.


Galway has been one of the counties worst affected by Eleanor.

The Coast Road between Curragreen and Oranmore train station is currently impassable due to flooding.

In Oranmore, a number of cars were swept away by flash floods just before 6pm.

People were helped from their cars at the roundabout accessing the shopping centre in the village as the waters suddenly rose over the road.

Cars were also left submerged in the nearby train station. All motorists escaped unharmed.


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