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ARCHIVE VIDEO: Incredible footage shows raging waves smashing Howth harbour

Irish Coast Guard warned people to stay away from piers as bitter and strong winds hit Ireland.

"Waves are crashing over piers and it can be very dangerous. Stay back from piers and alert the Coast Guards if you see anyone in difficulty."

In particular Howth Coast Guards received a number of calls from people in danger of getting washed off the East Pier.

"Between 10am and 4pm today we are advising the public not to walk the pier, outside these times during the current conditions they should exercise caution and use common sense, if you see the spray of the waves reaching on the pier don’t walk it.

"Waves can be unpredictable, a lull of 10 minutes can be followed by intense waves powerful enough to knock you over and cause injury or wash you off the pier wall.

"Remember if you see someone who may get in trouble on the Beach, Cliff or Water call the COAST GUARD on 112/ 999, don't delay or expect someone else to make the call," they said.

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