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ARCHIVE VIDEO: Forty residents evicted from Dublin city-centre buildings over fire safety concerns

Dublin City Council has secured temporary High Court injunctions requiring over 40 residents to immediately leave three centre-centre buildings they reside at, due to fire safety concerns. The orders were granted in respect of premises at 100, 101 and 104 Seville Place, Dublin, which the court heard are each divided into several flats or bedsits.

DCC, represented in court by Conleth Bradley SC and Karen Denning Bl, says its fire safety officers had inspected the buildings in recent weeks.

Those inspections revealed that the three properties are in very poor repair, and if a fire started in any of the buildings it would "spread very quickly" Mr Bradley said.

The risk to persons living in the what are four-story buildings is so serious that their continued use for residential purposes should be prohibited until several serious fire safety deficiencies are addressed, DCC says.

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