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ARCHIVE VIDEO: Dramatic moment food delivery cyclist breaks red light and collides with a taxi in Dublin

A video captured on a dash cam shows the moment a cyclist and a taxi collided in Dublin city centre.

A deliveroo cyclist broke a red light at the junction of parliament and Dame Street at around 12pm on  November 30 according to witness Tony Corcoran.

Mr Corcoran, a taxi driver, recorded the moment on his dash cam.

"As you can see in the clip the right turn green filter light was on for a couple of seconds before the taxi in front even pulls off. The deliveroo cyclist broke the red light at speed coming down from Lord Edward Street", Tony told Independent.ie.

"After the video stops, he picks his bike up and walks away unharmed but shaken.

"The taxi driver also pulled in around the corner some what shaken up also and to see if the cyclist was ok."

"The cyclist was totally in the wrong and very lucky on this occasion."

This dash cam shows the moment a cyclist collides with car after failing to signal on Dublin road.

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