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ARCHIVE VIDEO: Bizarre moment Audi driver steals bag of spuds caught on CCTV

It's not something you would expect to see down at your local - but there is a potato thief on the loose.

This CCTV footage was recorded yesterday afternoon from the Leinster fresh produce factory shop in Rathangan, Co Kildare.

It shows the moment a man got out of his car to take a bag of potatoes sitting on a vehicle outside the shop.

Shop owner Ross Rooney from Kildare told Independent.ie what happened: "A local farmer gave me the bag of potatoes to sample and see if we would be interested in buying a few from him."

"I knew I wasn't going to be long in the shop so I just left them on top of the car. Never in a million years would I think someone would steal them," Ross told Independent.ie.

"I came out and just thought maybe I had put them in the car or someone had brought them into the shop but couldn't find them.

"That's when I checked the CCTV footage and you can see it as clear as day. He just gets out of his car and lifts them.

Posting on his Facebook page he commented: "Do we contact the Garda and report it? Even if they did catch up with him what would happen?

"'I would like to know what you would do in this situation. It’s small fry, a bag of spuds, but it’s just not good enough."

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