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ARCHIVE: '70pc of our staff will get no hours, so no money' — Dublin restaurant manager reacts to new Covid restrictions

Restaurants may have to cut hours for staff by as much as 70pc over the next month because of the latest restrictions imposed on the hospitality sector.

The Government has announced that pubs and restaurants must close at 8pm until January 30 and Simone Volante, general manager of Proof Urban Italian in Dublin, says he does not know how he is going to manage his staff until then.

"Yesterday, everybody was awaiting the news that, more or less, everybody knew," Mr Volante said.

"One of the problems here is all of the rumours in advance - these definitely don't help these businesses. And then yesterday, the last news was that until the 30th of January, we have to close at 8pm.

"This means, as a restaurant, we have to close at 6.30pm as a last booking."

"I feel bad for the staff," he added. "We have a great team, great guys. We work very well together but I don't know now what is exactly the best decision in January.

"It is is making me sad. Sixty or 70pc of the staff, until the end of January, will get no hours - so no money. I don't know how to help."

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