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Aengus Ó Snodaigh wins final tally for Dublin South Central

Sinn Féin has triumphed the final tally for Dublin South Central with Aengus Ó’Snodaigh coming out on top at 38pc.

Ó’Snodaigh lead the way by a landslide , while his contender Bríd Smith (S-PBP) followed behind at 11 pc (4828).

Fianna Fáil’s Catherine Ardagh also stands at 11pc (4700) with Fine Gael’s Catherine Byrne (4700)

Figures estimate a 57pc turnout after 107 boxes have been tallied, with an estimated electorate of 42502.

Aengus O’Snodaigh (SF) 38 pc (16545)

Catherine Ardagh (FF) 11 pc (4700)

Catherine Byrne (FG) 11 pc (4985)

Joan Collins (I4C) 6 pc (2782)

Patrick Costello (GP) 9 pc ( 3947)

Tara Deacy ( SD)4pc (1557)

Robert Foley (Ind) 0 (78)

Serbia Irvine(NP) 1pc (611)

Alan Kerrigan (IND) 0pc 155

Rebecca Moynihan(LAB)5 pc(2061)

Richard Murray (ind) 8pc (211)

Seán O’Leary(ind) 0pc (41)

Bríd Smith (S-PBP) 110, (4828)

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