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Inmates video themselves having cell party in Mountjoy prison

Video show prisoners partying in cells

THIS is a career criminal with close links to a Kinahan cartel murder victim partying with fellow inmates behind bars in Mountjoy.

The man, from Dublin’s north inner city, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was recorded singing along to Sorry by Joel Corry with four other inmates as they partied in a cell of the north Dublin prison.

The man had close links to Derek Coakley Hutch who was shot dead outside Wheatfield Prison in Dublin as part of the Kinahan-Hutch feud in January 2018.

Despite his close links to Coakley Hutch, the man, who is a drug addict and considered a reckless criminal, was previously pictured posing behind bars with associates of the Kinahan cartel.

Last week, phone footage from inside the prison showing one of the Kinahan cartel's most feared gunmen laughing and joking about shootings.

A prison album of mob pictures taken in the high-security jail also shows how the same gunman, Trevor Byrne - who was chief suspect for the 2014 shooting of John Gilligan and who was quizzed over the murder of Eddie "Ned" Hutch (58) - is living the high life with his fellow Kinahan cartel inmates behind bars.

The video showed a Limerick criminal, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, mimicking a shooting with his hands shaped like a gun.

In the clip, Trevor Byrne (41) jokes 'no recoil on this' and the Limerick hood sounds off four shots before the pair break into peals of laughter.

"What way did you do him?" Byrne asks.

"With the big one, like this," the Limerick thug responds, before mimicking the noise of a machine gun.

The video is the latest to emerge of criminals in Mountjoy.

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