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Incredible footage shows thousands of jellyfish in Donegal waters during heatwave

The video shows a large amount of Jellyfish Rossnowlagh beach in Country Donegal.

Footage, taken for an educational Youtube and Instagram channel called Mr. Bradley - Learning Made Fun, shows an incredible amount of jellyfish in Irish waters.

Primary school teacher Conor Bradley was creating a video on underwater habitats for his students when he came across the creatures.

"I stumbled upon the biggest jellyfish bloom I’ve ever seen in my life in Rossnowlagh," Conor told Independent.ie.

"My family have a home down here and we have been coming down all my life (every holiday and weekend we could). Never before had I seen so many."

The vlogger was even brave enough to get into the water with the creatures.

"I almost got out immediately, but thought to myself this is a rare event...

"So I decided to brave it and record footage of these creatures. It was Intimidating at first but after a while you become quite comfortable with them and the experience is quite peaceful. The way they move is hypnotic. It’s like swimming through an underwater alien world."

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