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Hundreds take to the streets of Hong Kong in protest

Hundreds of people take to the streets of Hong Kong against election postponement, the national security law, and the launch of a Covid-19 “health code,” which some democrats say puts citizens at risk of surveillance.

The government delayed Sept. 6 election for seats in the city’s Legislative Council by a year citing the coronavirus outbreak.

The election would be the former British colony’s first official vote since Beijing imposed the new security legislation in late June.

Some of the protesters were holding up signs to draw attention to the 12 Hongkongers who remain detained in mainland China after being caught trying to flee to Taiwan by speedboat last month.

The riot police set up cordons and chased demonstrators in Kowloon peninsula. They also stopped and searched protesters and journalists as small groups of riot police deployed junctions across the district. According to Hong Kong Free Press over 90 arrests were made by the evening as officers fired pepper balls and pepper spray in Mong Kok.

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