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Hundreds gather to protest outside Finglas Garda Station in Dublin

Hundreds gather to protest outside Finglas Garda Station

Over 200 protesters against asylum seekers descended on Finglas Garda Station on Wednesday evening.

Holding up Irish flags and Republican flags, protesters gathered in the area from 8pm.

One masked speaker told the crowd: “There’s no point standing here outside a garda station, you have to go to where they’re f*****g staying and burn them f*****g out.”

Another speaker said: “We are a peaceful people, a spiritual people. This is a peaceful assembly, let the energy rise.

“We have a right to be heard.

“We need to get serious, and we need to not give anybody an excuse. These people are coming into Ireland unchecked and unvetted.

“It’s all about the numbers and we build and we build and we build until we have the numbers.”

A garda helicopter circled above the crowd for over an hour while gardaí also monitored the protest from a distance in garda vans.

A garda spokesperson said: “An Garda Síochána policed a protest which took place outside Finglas Garda station tonight 1st February 2023.

“No incidents were reported. No arrests were made.

A number of demonstrations were held across Dublin during the course of Wednesday evening.

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