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Hostile Alexa uses Dublin slang to ruin owner's day in hilarious sketch

An intimidating Alexa plays mind games with Irish Instagram user John Carroll, in this hilarious sketch doing on the rounds on social media.

What would happen if Alexa suddenly learned the attitude of a hostile Dubliner, and she could use your private moments as blackmail?

The video has the AI assistant playing mind games with its owner; purposely playing strange versions of "Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin.

When Instagrammer John Carroll responds negatively, Alexa gets hostile – calling him a "little thick dope".

"I saw you crying watching Love Actually... I'll ruin your life you little eejit." She says.

John, the creator of the sketch, told Independent.ie: "I often find myself saying 'someone should do a sketch about X, Y or Z', so I decided recently that I might as well give it a go myself.

"It's been a bit of craic, and I have way more time on my hands now that there's not much else to do...

"The Alexa sketch is probably particularly relatable, given how passive aggressive she can be. I just decided to dial up the aggression."

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