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Hospital staff in Tipperary plead to government for Covid-19 vaccine

A video of Nenagh hospital staff pleading to the government for vaccination has been shared widely on social media.

The video shows a row of frontline workers against a wall, before they approach the camera one by one to express fear and frustration at not having a date for vaccination.

In a message directed to Taoiseach Micheál Martin and Health Minister Stephen Donnelly one staff member says: "We are so angry, we are scared, we're afraid. We can see our co-workers coming down with Covid and becoming very ill."

"How come we at Nenagh hospital are being left out when we can see private hospitals being vaccinated where there are no Covid patients?"

Another staff member said she and her colleagues were "infuriated" at not having a date for vaccination at Nenagh hospital.

"We have a lot of Covid-19 patients we are dealing with everyday, and I request the Government to take immediate steps to provide vaccines for us." Said one doctor.

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