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Holidaymaker almost loses toe from spider bite

An intrepid traveller who survived swimming with sharks on the trip of a lifetime told how he was so badly bitten by a venomous spider on the same holiday that doctors threatened to amputate his toe. Super-fit Adam Knight, 29, marked the end of an amazing 12 months in August 2019 - with two branches of his Angel Swim London business, teaching swimming to babies and toddlers thriving and a year in to a great relationship with his former university pal, Erin Wigglesworth, 26, now a press officer - by jetting to South Africa for a week. He and his friend, videographer Rob Murray, 33, had a ball, swimming with dolphins, humpback whales and even oceanic blacktip sharks, in the coastal province of KwaZulu-Natal. And when Adam noticed a painful blister on the second toe of his left foot on their last day, he assumed  his flippers had rubbed  - boarding a flight home, where he was due at his dad Carl's wedding on September 1 - without a second thought. Experiencing cold sweats and tiredness on the 11-hour flight, he  thought it was 'post-holiday fatigue' and, despite feeling even worse the next day, Adam, of Fulham, west London, refused to miss his 57-year-old dad's wedding to lettings director Caroline, 56, at Tylney Hall Hotel and Gardens in Hampshire. "I still felt awful," he said. "But I put on my tuxedo, squeezed my foot into my loafers and performed my duties as son of the groom, before dancing the night away."

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