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Hobbyist photographer uses lockdown time to create stunning timelapse of Limerick countryside

Hobbyist landscape photographer and videographer, Gavin Sheehan, decided to use his free time during lockdown to take a different look at the sites within 2km of his home in Castleconnell, Co. Limerick. 

"Typically during my free time and at weekends I'd be travelling around Ireland or hiking but with the 2KM restrictions, that became impossible.

"Living so close to the River Shannon in Castleconnell, I wanted to put my spare time to good use and decided to focus on the more mundane sights that I typically would have just walked past before the lockdown."

Using a culmination of over 40,000 images captured at all times of day, Gavin managed to create this stunning piece of work showing off the beauty of his locality.

"I'm very lucky to be living so close to the river and everything it offers and definitely have more of an appreciation for it after the last few weeks."

Gavin Sheehan is active on Facebook and Instagram, and has a website you can visit here.

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