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Headspace founder's advice on meditation during Covid-19 lockdown

A co-founder of the Headspace mindfulness and meditation app says more people are turning to meditation during the Covid-19 outbreak. Andy Puddicombe said parts of the app dealing with anxiety had seen more than 1000% growth in use during the crisis. “We know people are struggling with sleep, we know people are experiencing extended periods of stress and anxiety, and meditation is definitely being seen as one way of helping with that," said Mr Puddicombe. A former Buddhist monk, Mr Puddicombe launched Headspace in 2012. He acknowledged meditation couldn't solve anxiety by itself - but said it could help people who were struggling with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Right now, if you’re in a position where you’ve lost someone close to you, if you can’t afford to pay the rent, if you’re having to put yourself into a dangerous situation every day, if you might lose your job, it’s crazy to even talk about meditation just solving [it]. “It doesn’t change what happens in our external life, but it does fundamentally change our relationship with it.”

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