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WATCH: 'The ice is moving' - People skate on the frozen canals in Amsterdam as it moves beneath their feet

It was so cold in Amsterdam that some of the city's historic canals froze solid on Friday, allowing the people of the Dutch capital to take to the waterways.

The canals only freeze time and time again. This is the first time in about six years that parts froze hard enough to support the weight of skaters, locals and sightseers, according to reports.

The big chill came as much of Europe dealt with a cold front dubbed The Beast from the East, sending temperatures plummeting for most of the week.

Some, however, weren’t so lucky. A pair fell through the ice on Thursday and had to be rescued by a passerby, according to local media.

As you can see in this video the ice is clearly moving as people skate over the frozen canal.

"We were scared a bit so we moved to a part were there weren't 'waves' like in the video. There were a lot of people still skating on it so there were no problems. You heard the crack often, which was scarier", Steven Schmitz told Independent.ie.

Video: @stevenpschmitz

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