Friday 18 January 2019

WATCH: Stunning performance by Fusion Fighters at the Irish Dance World Championships 2018 in Glasgow Newsdesk Newsdesk

Fusion Fighters are a dance crew and online community which has over 70,000 members worldwide united through their shared love of dance.

Fusion Fighters teamed up with the cast of 'Fusion Dance Fest' for their performance at this years CLRG Irish Dancing Commission Worlds 2018!

Cast: Chris Naish, Jamie Hodges, Michael Donnellan, Michael Gardiner, Matthew Gardiner, Conor Kennedy, John McCullough, Eve Sheridan, Mairead Trainer, Eoghan Boyce, Ethan Quinton, Simone Loysen, Maya Coyne, Bridget Flynn, George Semple, Ai Lin Doody, Ashleigh John, Daniel Donnelly, Caolan Brogan, Christian Cairone, Kate McAlevey, Katie Lennon, Mackenzie Murray, Maeve Smith, Maggie Schutte, Maria Zimfer, Nate Schutte & Owen Luebbers.

Music: Brian McGrane Music Ft. Ciara Murphy

Musicians: Benedict Morris & Aisling Parslow

Video Footage:

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