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WATCH: Sligo couple make dramatic wedding entrance in dump truck

There's nothing quite like a wedding to get couples thinking outside the box nowadays and one Sligo pair really did push the boundaries of typical knot-tying of when they made their grand entrance as man and wife this weekend.

Newlyweds Louise Devins and Keith Donlon, who tied the knot on Friday in Sligo, gave their guests a wedding entrance to remember when they opted not to dance into the ballroom of the Radisson Blu Sligo to the upbeat melodies of the Black Eyed Peas, but instead to blast in on the back of a dumper truck, much to the enjoyment of their incredulous guests.

The couple appeared at the entrance to the hotel, where they both seemed to be attempting to get a bit more acquainted with the unfamiliar surroundings of the heavy piece of machinery, before they just went for it.

Making their way into the ballroom of the Radisson, the adventurous pair were met with whooping and applause from their amused guests.

"Just when you think you have seen everything!?!" the hotel posted on their Facebook page alongside the video of the daring two.

It's certainly one way to make an entrance anyway!

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