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WATCH: Moment car window smashes on giraffe's head at safari park

A safari park is investigating after a car window smashed on the head of a giraffe, sending glass shards flying.

The huge animal had put its head inside the car at West Midlands Safari Park when the passenger side window began to wind up.

The glass became stuck against the animal’s cheek, footage shows, before smashing into pieces and causing the giraffe to flinch.

Park workers said the giraffe, named Strider, “sustained no injuries” and was immediately checked over by staff. Managers are investigating, they said in a statement.

Video of the incident shows a woman in a silver hatchback laughing as the giraffe puts its head inside, while the person filming looks on.

It is not clear from the footage why the window begins to rise and a mobile phone is visible in the woman’s right hand.

As the glass suddenly shatters the camera operator turns away and is heard to ask: “Are you all right?”

West Midlands Safari Park said it issued guidance to all visitors on how to feed animals safely.

Its rules said: “Do not allow animals to put their head inside your vehicle. Keep your windows half-shut.

“To stop feeding, turn your hand, drop the feed, and bring your hand back inside your vehicle.”

Animals the park say must not be fed include elephants, ostriches and all carnivores. Giraffes were not on the banned list.



Credit: MoMedia

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