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WATCH: Irish girl's horror when she realises her clothes are not from upmarket boutique

The recession forced many parents to take extreme measures when it came to family budgets.

Many parents were forced to ditch the designer clothes in favour of recycled threads from.

Cork mum Claire McCormack was also forced to tighten her belt but she didn't want to disappoint her youngest daughter Kate (6) by revealing that her clothes were 'hand-me-downs' from older siblings.

And so she concocted an elaborate tale by claiming the threads came from a boutique store called L'attic in the East Village - an upmarket area of Douglas, Cork.

Ms McCormack told Independent.ie: "As Kate got older when she would go to school I would go to the attic and take down all the bags ... Clothes, pjs, shoes everything.

"So I would clear her bedroom and everything would be new when she came home. She would be thrilled.

"She would say 'Oh Mum you have been to L'attic'."

Ms McCormack explained that Kate's older sisters grew up "in a very different time" for them as a family."

On Kate's sixth birthday her mum decided to finally break the news to her.

"We decided to tell her but she told her it was a joke afterward she was so upset."

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