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WATCH: Heartwarming moment hospital allow horse to visit young patient before Christmas

A young patient was overjoyed with an unusual hospital guest this week - a pony.

Chloe Jordan described her sister Lizzi's joy when they managed to get a pony into a central London hospital to visit her.

Lizzi is currently in University College Hospital. Her sister said she is a "passionate equestrian". She's currently fighting for her life and has no vision.

"13 weeks without a horse has been a long time!," Chloe said.

"So our wonderful yard manager Tina from Woodside went above and beyond to give Lizzi her pony fix.

"Tina, in her lovely crazy ways, managed to box a horse up to central London and get permission to bring him into the hospital.

"Tina, Dan and the team at UCHL somehow managed to park a horse box in ambulance bay and get a PONY in a lift up 13 floors!!!!

"Slightly surreal!," she continued.

"How lovely for Lizzi to have a familiar smell and touch of a horse.

"Certainly a first for this hospital! Massive thanks to everyone involved in the surprise, and for infection control/everyone high up in the hospital for letting it happen. Merry Christmas gorgeous girl and you’ll be back cuddling Liffey/Berry before you know it," she added.

Chloe wanted to give a special thanks to the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) for the horse.

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