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WATCH: Heart-warming moment sea otter pup is reunited with its mother

In Morro Bay California, A member of the public reported a sea otter pup that was separated from its mother. Trained responders from a nearby marine mammal centre, along with California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) scientist Mike Harris, rescued the pup and boarded a Morro Bay Harbor Patrol boat in search of a response from otters in the area.

When they arrived at a known resting area for otters, a female responded to the pup's vocals. Harris safely tossed the buoyant baby otter to its mother to prevent mom from being frightened away by boat noise.

You can see the mother is skittish, but quickly cradles the pup and swims back to a group of otters.  This happy ending was made possible because the proper authorities were contacted straight away.

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