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WATCH: Do you hate disposable barbecues? This handy guide will help perfect your grill.

With the temperatures soaring, barbecue season is most definitely in full swing.

Yet for those who don't own an actual barbecue the easiest way to realise the dream of al fresco cooking is by simply picking up a disposable barbecue from the local shop or supermarket.

These ubiquitous little foil trays usually start appearing in supermarkets and filling stations at the outset of every summer. While they look so simple and straight forward to use, you could be forgiven for thinking "what could possibly go wrong?". Well, quite a lot apparently.

However British YouTuber, DJ BBQ, has now created a handy tutorial for any would be grill-masters out there, with some pointers on getting the most out of your disposable barbecue and how you can use it to cook a the perfect restaurant quality steak.

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