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WATCH: Crowd gathers as Irish chamber choir sing 'Baby on Board' from Dublin rooftop

Customers of Green 19 were treated to a special rendition of the Simpsons classic “Baby on Board” in a barbershop style similar to the ‘Be Sharps’ from the long running TV show.

The Ramparts are an all-male Dublin based chamber choir. Performing under the supervision of choral Director, Ruaidhrí Ó Dálaigh, The Ramparts recently went viral with their rendition of Father Ted’s “My Lovely Horse” on Grafton Street.

In a press release the group said they were inspired by their “Simpsons Related Dreams” by performing on Green 19’s low rooftop to unsuspecting punters below.

The group will also sing on BBC One TV show ‘Pitch Battle’ on Saturday 15 July 2017 at 7:30 pm.

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