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WATCH: Could you finish this insane breakfast challenge in Co. Cavan?

The Hard Boiled Egg Cafe in Co. Cavan is home to the 'World's Largest Breakfast challenge' and it's free if you can finish it in 30 minutes.

'The challenge is still going and if you complete it you get a free breakfast and a t-shirt', a Hard Boiled Egg Cafe employee told Independent.ie

The 8lb 10 oz breakfast consists of;

10 link sausages,

10 back bacon,

10 large eggs,

5 hash browns,

5 large white pudding,


a hill of beans,

3 grilled tomatoes,


10 slices of toast and all the tea you can drink.

The breakfast is free if you finish it completely within 30 minutes. Otherwise it will cost €19.95.

Professional eater Randy Santel took on the challenge back in 2014 and completed it in record time.

Do you think you could take on the challenge?


'World's Largest Breakfast Challenge'

'World's Largest Breakfast Challenge'

'World's Largest Breakfast Challenge'




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