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WATCH: Adorable four year-old describes what a 'borricane' is - as Hurricane Ophelia approaches Ireland

This adorable little girl could has shared an insight about what we might expect from Ophelia, as she told her mum about the the "borricane."

As the country braces the worst storm to hit Ireland in more than 50 years, Holly Boggins (4) showed she may have a bright future with Met Eireann as she talked about the extreme weather conditions.

Holly, who is from Clondalkin in Dublin, said: "A borricane means that it will come and blow all of the trees away."

Her mum Leanna shared this touching clip with Independent.ie, which she captured last night.

She said: "Holly started explaining to me last night at 8pm after being told she had no school. What a Hurricane was (a Borricane in her words).

"But her take was hilarious. I found it very funny and cute. she's only 4 years old. Had to share her innocents with the country', Holly's mother added."

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