Monday 21 October 2019

VIDEO: 'We didn't want a defective dog' - paralyzed dog learns to walk again

Orlagh Bailey

Watch the heartbreaking story of Zeus, a dog who was abandoned by his owners but was soon nursed back to health in St.Francis care.

Meet Zeus, the poor pup that was abandoned by his owners at the age of 2, before he arrived at St.Francis care in Olklahoma. He was taken in by Lynda Keuther, who over the course of months nursed the paralyzed dog to a point where he could walk again.

When Lynda met Zeus, he could not walk. So she set about a rigorous course of therapy, beginning with swimming in an indoor heated pool. Once Zeus could move his limbs again, he graduated to 'army crawls' along the ground. Soon, Lynda found herself fundraising on Facebook to buy a wheelchair for him.

After months of dedication and attention, Zeus is finally on his feet again and fighting fit. Watch the whole story in the video above.

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