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VIDEO - MUST WATCH: 10 year-old's bodhrán solo will have you mesmerised

This incredible clip of a 10-year-old playing the bodhrán will have you mesmerised.

Séan Maguire (10) plays a bodhrán solo that received the 'best crowd reaction yet' according to his father, Philip.

Séan who has been playing the bodhrán since he was six also plays the drums, piano and fiddle.

Aged seven he won the under 12 bodhrán competition in the Wicklow Fleadh and has won it every year since, as well as being the under 12 Leinster Champion when he was nine.

Séan plays in the Maguire band along with his two sisters Emma (16) and Aoife (14) and his father, Philip.

The band has over 11,000 followers on Facebook from all over the world, mostly in the US, Canada and the UK, as well as Ireland.

“Whenever we do a gig, there's invariably a few people come up to us at some stage during the gig to say that they came to see Seán's bodhrán solo because they'd seen us on Facebook,” said Philip.

The family band has played across Ireland as well as being a support act for Sharon Shannon in the Birr Theatre in Offaly.

The Maguires all started playing traditional Irish music at a young age and music became the focus of family life in the Maguire household. The two girls play five instruments so Philip said “there’s never a shortage of new material to work on”.

“We love all musical genres, but traditional Irish music comes first,” he said.

“Not only was it important to play a tune here and there, it was important to sit down with the rest of the family and arrange tunes into sets of tunes which worked well together and to introduce variations and harmonies into the sets.”

The band play at a ceili for intellectually disabled women once a month, but their favourite place to play is on Shop Street in Galway.

The band also has help from Mum Tracey who keeps the show on the road and “bakes the most amazing cakes”.

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