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VIDEO: 'Lucky escape' - Irishman tries to hand feed wild elephant, gets more than he bargained for

Elaine Harney, 24, from Ballinasloe Co Galway is currently travelling around Sri Lanka, and she came across this wild elephant on a main road in the country while on a trip.

Another Irish guy was of particular interest to the elephant.

"A local had given the Irish guy food to throw and distract the elephant so they could pass by safely, but instead he decided to hand feed it - not realising he was supposed to throw it," Ms Harney told Independent.ie.

While the elephant took the food - a little roughly - from the man, it wasn't enough. He soon set his sights on the 'tuk-tuk' vehicle that the man had been travelling in, easily knocking it over, before going through bags for food.

'We were told by the locals that the wild elephants are extremely dangerous so he was very lucky not to get injured', Elaine added.

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