Monday 16 September 2019

VIDEO: Luckiest man alive? Motorcyclist escapes death after falling between two moving trucks

Orlagh Bailey

A biker in Korea escaped certain death in a motorway accident documented on dashcam in 2006 and uploaded to Youtube a few days ago.

The video, which was uploaded to Youtube by Ernest W, initially shows a motorcyclist making his way down a busy highway. The bike, filming with dash cam comes upon two large trucks driving adjacent to eachother. As the bike tries to slip between the trucks, another bike suddenly hurtles to the ground from behind.

The rider also falls to the ground, and looks like he's heading for a gruesome fate. Luckily, the man falls against the outside wheel of the truck, just inches from being run over by it. After he hits the first wheel, he is ricocheted so that he doesn't fall under the back wheel of the truck.

The man is seen limping from the scene, but was very lucky not to suffer a worse fate.

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