Monday 16 September 2019

Video: Amazing CCTV footage shows wild elephant cleaning up rubbish

Jennfier McShane

Footage showing a wild elephant picking up rubbish with his trunk and putting it in the bin has gone viral.

In the clip, the elephant clearly takes the cleanliness of his surroundings very seriously as he determinedly sets out to make sure the ground is litter-free.

The gentle giant is quite obviously setting an example for all of us, as he starts picking up bottles and other pieces of rubbish with his trunk and pops them straight into the bin.

He takes his time cleaning up, never missing a beat as he uses his trunk and one of his legs to pick up each piece carefully – even when he drops some rubbish, he picks it back up straight away.

The clip is only a minute long, but it is quite a sight to behold and the elephant is seen quietly walking away, one he is certain he gets his job done.

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