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Twitter brings hilarious tales of dating mishaps to life

Lucky in love? You’re missing out. This Valentine’s Day, the DatingTwitter Advice Bureau is here to celebrate the most mortifying stories, cringeworthy confessions, and unlikely advice, all shared by those of us who’ve lost romance down the back of the sofa.

The Bureau takes top Tweets and turns them into uneducational and semi-informative installations at a Covent Garden shop. It's a celebration of how Twitter users worldwide have captured the true, unspoken essence of modern dating, relationships and singledom - from awkward first-date silences, through long-term regrets, to advanced ghosting strategies.

Need a last-minute gift for that special one? The Bureau will also host the world’s least romantic gift shop, drawing inspiration from Tweets describing the strangest Valentine’s presents. Throw those roses out the window, and be a true original, with a gift-boxed potato.

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