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Man falls outside Dublin Airport live on TV and is dubbed ‘Ice man 2.0’

A man that fell outside Dublin Airport today live on television has been dubbed the ‘ice man 2.0’.

During a live Virgin Media News segment broadcast outside Dublin Airport, a man in a yellow work uniform is seen falling behind reporter Nicole Gernon.

The video has been circulating widely on social media, with people comparing the moment to the famous clip where a man slipped on ice during a live RTÉ broadcast in 2010.

However, some social media users think the man is looking for his five minutes of fame and faked the fall.

One Twitter user wrote: "That is the worst fake fall I've ever seen in my life. 2/10 to that person.”

While another claimed: “Clearly a dive but the noise he makes is hilarious.”

And a third commented: “Looks like he did on purpose - fake fall knowing camera was there.”

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