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Irish actor Peter Mooney attempts to deliver a Choc Ice to Manchester after drunken messages

Irish actor Peter Mooney exhausted all of his creative genius recently when he tried to deliver a Choc Ice from Liverpool to his friend in Manchester without it melting.

The theatre star agreed to deliver the Choc Ice to his friend in Manchester after she managed to hold her end of a bargain that included learning the numbers one to 10 in Hungarian while under the influence.

To Mooney’s shock, his friend was clearly among the cohort that speak a foreign language better when drunk, as she nailed the numbers and demanded the reward.

Mooney then set about concocting a plan to ensure the ice cream made it to Mancunia in one piece.

He considered delivering it in a freezer bag, posting it in the mail (yes, really) and eventually lands on a plan to get the Choc Ice there in one piece (he hoped).

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