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"I thought I was too weird" - Woman overcome with joy to learn her Irish citizen application is granted

An Australian-born artist who has lived in Ireland for 20 years has posted an emotional video after receiving her Irish citizenship.

Taryn de Vere is an artist, writer and activist who is well for her colourful fashion.

The mother of five is originally from Australia and announced on Twitter that after 20 years of living in Ireland she has received Irish citizenship.

In the video, Ms de Vere becomes emotional as she expresses how happy she is to finally be an Irish Citizen.

“They are going to let me stay here and be one of you all,” she said.

“Ireland has become my home and Irish people have been so good to me. I thought they weren’t going to let me become a citizen, I thought I was too weird and outspoken.

“I just can’t believe they said I could stay.”

Ms de Vere expressed how she is delighted to now be able to vote as she has strong political beliefs.

“This means I can actually vote, oh my God, I will be able to vote,” she said.

“No more non-EU passport lines, that’s going to be joyful too.”

She shared how applying for her citizenship took many years due to the expenses that come with the application.

“I have dreamed about this so many times, I have been here nearly 20 years and I couldn’t afford to apply before this.”

She continued to thank Ireland and the Irish people for being so kind to her.

Ms de Vere is known for sharing her fashion online, blowing up on Tik Tok after she dressed up as a different household item every day in January 2022.

After completely several challenges of the like on her social media, she gained a following and is now known as possibly the most colourful woman in Ireland.

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