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Dog, cat and guinea pig form an unlikely friendship

An animal lover whose pet dog, cat and guinea pig are as thick as thieves claims the unusual interspecies throuple prove that four-legged foes really can become the best of friends. Nanny Marina Decelle, 23, and her coastguard fiancé Zach Bowen , 23, were already surprised and delighted when his Chesapeake retriever, Bentley, eight, and her shorthaired guinea pig, Dexter, two, became pals. But they feared three would be a crowd when her parents' cat, Molly, two, needed new digs in June this year and the couple agreed to take her in at their home in Eastern Shore, Virginia, USA. Particularly concerned as Molly had shown a predatory interest in Dexter when he had once lodged with her parents, Marina recalled one nerve-wracking occasion, saying: "One day, Zach and I walked into the kitchen to find Dexter's cage had been pulled onto the floor from the top of the fridge.

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