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Deer trapped in frozen pond rescued by Deputy using a lasso

On December 10th, 2019, Sublette County Sheriff’s Deputy Justin Hays was travelling to Pinedale for training.

As he was passing through the town of Daniel, he observed a deer struggling to free itself from a pond that had partially iced over. He radioed to dispatch that he was on scene and was soon joined by Sublette County Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Peterson who was on duty at the time and Deputy Peterson activated his body worn camera.

Deputy Hays, along with a select few other deputies carry ranch ropes, team ropes or lariats in their patrol vehicles which they use to help get livestock off the roadways. The deer attempted to swim away from Deputy Hays as he approached it so Deputy Peterson gathered the first rope and went to the opposite end of the open water. Deputy Hays lassoed the deer and was able to drag it up on to the ice.

The deer was exhausted and cold. Deputy Hays carried it over to the asphalt black top so it would help warm the deer up.

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