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Couple reveal plan to marry and start a family with a woman they met on Instagram

A polyamorous couple have revealed how they hope to hope to marry and start a family with a woman they met on Instagram, as they celebrate their first anniversary as a ‘throuple’. Rebecca Grossman, 31, and Dave Gilbert, 37, who met through work 12 years ago, had been in a relationship for a decade when Karla Moreno, 29, sent them an Instagram message out of the blue, asking if they would be interested in exploring a relationship with her. After a three-day date in March 2019, the trio became inseparable, and just eight weeks later, Karla packed up her life and moved an hour down the road to Dave and Rebecca’s home in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Now, the trio are hoping to make their union official and start a family. Rebecca, who identifies as bisexual, said: “From that first date, all three of us were inseparable. We had this amazing connection. “It’s hard to be someone’s everything. You do not have to see one person as your whole thing. There are so many things I can’t give to Dave, but that Karla can give him, and vice versa."

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