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Breathtaking drone footage as dawn breaks over Donegal's Mount Errigal

Spectacular aerial footage gives birds-eye view above Donegal's clouds.

After trekking up Mount Errigal, through darkness, Ronan O'Donnell and his friends were rewarded with these otherworldly scenes.

"We arrived at the foot of Errigal at 3am in the pitch dark, prepared with headlamps, and headed off on our trek." Ronan told Independent.ie.

After one and a half hours of carrying his drone to the mountain's peak, Ronan and his friends were not disappointed.

"I have hiked at sunrise in Bali on Mount Batur, but Errigal but it doesn't even compare. It was like a scene from a movie.

"The sky began to brighten and change color from around 5am and the sun rose at around 6.10.

"I have recently moved home from a two year teaching stint in the UAE, and have been exploring Ireland since; looking for scenic surroundings to capture with my drone. I love it."

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