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ARCHIVE: Group pay for pints with a broken phone in a Dublin pub

The digital society allows people to pay for everything from flights, to food to clothing with just the tap of a credit card or a smartphone.

But what happens when your phone is broken?

One man in Dublin city centre discovered he could use his broken phone to pay for pints even though it was completely snapped in half.

Footage shows the man successfully paying for his round of drinks in a Dublin pub, much to the amazement of his friends and the waitress.

The group cannot believe their eyes when the payment is accepted.

The waitress said: “I was working last night in Dublin, and the lads had been drinking there for a good few hours and I noticed this phone in absolute ruins on the table.

“They told me one of the seats in the cinema had snapped it in two.

“They jokingly tried to use it to pay for a round of drinks and it somehow worked, the video is of the second time they tried to pay."

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