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Hatton Garden heist timeline: Six men sentenced for jewellery raid

We take a look back at the Hatton Garden heist, as six men are sentenced for the £14 million jewellery raid that took place last Easter. John "Kenny" Collins, Daniel Jones, Terry Perkins and William Lincoln were each given a seven-year prison term at Woolwich Crown Court. Carl Wood was jailed for six years and Hugh Doyle was jailed for 21 months, suspended for two years. Brian Reader will be sentenced at a later date. Detective Superintendent Craig Turner, head of the Met's Flying Squad, said: "The individual known as 'Basil' remains unknown. We believe he let the group in and possibly disarmed the alarm. "Basil is still wanted in connection with the burglary and we would ask anyone who has information as to the identity of 'Basil' or the whereabouts of the outstanding jewellery, to contact police.

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