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Greenpeace targets UK's exportation of plastic pollution in powerful new ad

A powerful new ad from Greenpeace UK, has targeted the UK government's exportation of plastic pollution.

The video, titled "Wasteminister: A Downing Street Disaster", features a satirised version of Boris Johnson hailing the UK as a "global leader in tackling plastic pollution", all while an avalanche of plastic waste floods Downing Street.

Upon release of the clip Greenpeace wrote: "1.8 million kilograms of the UK's plastic waste is exported to other countries every single day. What would it look like if that exact amount was dumped on Downing Street?"

The video ends with the caption: "Plastic waste the government claims is recycled is being dumped and burned overseas, causing a health emergency for local people; killing wildlife and polluting oceans. Tell Boris Johnson to fix the UK's plastic crisis now."

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