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Golden Labrador 'works' as cashier in Meath shop

Paid in 'biscuits' and 'walks on the beach' Belle has helped run the shop for three years, and is the third generation of dog working in the store.

Shop owner Ailis first hired a German Shepard 30 years ago to help protect the shop, when it also learned to take money from customers.

"They all taught themselves to take the money," shop and dog owner Ailis told Independent.ie.

"The customers gave them the money and I'd sell the dogs biscuits in return, and that's what kept them happy."

The shop has been getting attention on social media platform TikTok for its adorable staff member.

"People come in to visit the dog and ask when she's on duty." Ailis said.

"She's very happy with her working conditions. She gets her food and her walks on the beach, as well as her visits to the vet."

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