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From a distance – Wicklow-based singer's beautiful performance of fitting classic

At the request of her fans, singer/songwriter Denise Brennan decided to perform 'From a Distance' on Facebook. A song that, whether intended or not, holds a message that couldn't be more relevant during these times of social distancing and lockdown.

"It’s heartbreaking what’s going on in the world. Given the fact that we are all coming together by staying apart, and knowing how isolation can be lonely for people, I wanted to do something in my own way to bring some lightness and love to peoples hearts." Denise said.

"Obviously like so many artists, work is on hold for the next while and I wanted to keep the creativity flowing, and give a little something in my own way.

"When I saw the request for From a Distance, I fell in love with it and knew straight away it was a song that would resonate with so many people right now and shine some light in the world."

The stunning cover has struck a chord with viewers, who have shared the post widely over social media.

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