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Fox yelps in excitement when visited by animal shelter staff

A tame fox, in a Waterford-based animal sanctuary, lets out yelps of excitement as it's visited by caretaker.

Shadow the fox is the star of the Deise Animal Sanctuary Facebook page, showing great affection among humans.

The animal has become a long-term resident of the facility, after he arrived fully tame in 2018.

Posting on social media, Deise Animal Sanctuary said the fox cannot be released, because "he enjoys human contact too much."

"While he is tame, he is still a wild animal and can be nippy and rough with people he doesn't know; so we limit contact to only the regular volunteers."

Shadow can be seen acting dog-like in many Facebook videos from the sanctuary.

"He is completely used to the dogs, and they don't phase him in the slightest.

"He is currently in a large run with lots of tubes and platforms to climb through and jump on. He loves playing with his toys and is fat and happy."

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