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Footage shows man trapped between doors of Dublin pharmacy after alleged attempted robbery

Gardaí investigating an incident of aggravated robbery at the pharmacy said they had arrested a man aged in his 30s at the scene

A man has been arrested after an incident at a Dublin pharmacy that was captured on video and posted on Tik-Tok

One of the short clips entitled ‘Robbery in progress. Dublin Darndale pharmacy robbery’, shows a man trapped between two doors at the Stacks pharmacy in the north Dublin suburb.

The other clip shows the aftermath of the incident with cracked glass and damaged doors while a man is shown being led away by gardai to a waiting patrol car.

Speaking to sundayworld.com about the incident, the pharmacy owner, Ade Stack, said they had received numerous messages from members of the public asking were they okay.

“We got so many messages asking us was the team okay, which is what most people were worried about,” Ade said.

Ade explained that staff had let the man into the pharmacy where they have a similar security system to that in a bank.

“He came in wearing a mask, which is normal because of the Covid restrictions, but then he did rob the pharmacy,” Ade said.

“And then, when he tried to leave, the team in the pharmacy hit the alarm which meant that the bank doors automatically closed and he was trapped between them.

“He went to try and break out by throwing a table and different things at the door and he caused a lot of damage. But he was secured and kept away from our team by being stuck between the two bank doors.

“The reason the doors are there is to protect my team and we have them in a number of our pharmacies. They act as a deterrent.

"What you want is for there never to be a robbery in the first place. So someone would know yes, you might rob the pharmacy but you won't be able to leave because you'll be stuck between the two bank doors.”

Ade stressed the point, however, that the incident was no reflection on the local community.

“I have to say though that it is unfortunate as Darndale only ever ends up on the news when something like this happens,” she said.

“And we absolutely love being the pharmacy in the area, and we have had no issues there for nearly 20 years.

“We have great patients and everyone was very upset that this had happened and were checking how the team were. Everyone is very supportive of their local pharmacy and it's not normal for this to happen..

“There hasn't been a robbery there over the last decade or more and that's because people appreciate what we do for them and we love looking after them.

“We're really happy that the banking doors worked and the community is happy that ever other one is safe.”

Gardaí said they were investigating an incident of aggravated robbery at a pharmacy in Darndale on February 21.

“A man aged in his 30s was arrested at the scene and conveyed to Coolock Garda Station. He has since appeared before the Criminal Courts of Justice in Dublin this morning, February 22.

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