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Families enjoy emotional reunion at Dublin Airport in Avoca Christmas ad

A new Christmas ad has harnessed the emotions of the thousands of Irish people who fly from far-flung countries to be with their families in Ireland each year.

The two-minute Christmas ad for Irish retailer Avoca shows emotional reunions for arrivals at Dublin Airport.

Some of those featured are grandparents who haven’t met their new grandchildren before.

“We haven’t seen this baby before, we’ve never met her, I’ve been crying for two days,” says one grandmother.

One new mother arriving in from New York in the ad with her new baby says: “We’re meeting James’s grandparents, my parents, for the first time.”

‘Santa’ greets the reuniting families as they emerge though arrivals, handing out gifts.

“We flew in today, and last year we couldn’t make it because of Covid, so it’s great to see the family again,” says one young man.

“My sister especially has been counting down the days,” says another as he meets his family.

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