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WATCH: Woman on her hen entertained Ryanair passengers with her safety demo before take-off

This bride-to-be on her hen do, decided to help the flight attendants go through their safety demo before take-off.

Tara B (26) from Belguim, was dressed up as a flight attendant by the rest of her hen party before their flight home from Barcelona yesterday.

"We woke her up Friday at 6 in the morning so she could pack her suitcase, and then we dressed her up as a flight attendant!" Tara's friend Julie Marinower told Independent.ie.

"When we boarded we asked the crew if she could help with the flight instructions since she was dressed like them. They were really nice and laughing with us."

"They were doing the safety demonstration around her so other passengers could see the real instructions as well."


Credit: Julie Marinower

Credit: Julie Marinower

Credit: Julie Marinower


It's safe to say the passengers enjoyed the demonstration and showed their appreciation with a round of applause and a few cheers.

A spokesman for Ryanair told Independent.ie: "This customer “assisted” one of our cabin crew on this flight from Brussels to Barcelona while the aircraft was stationary.

"The safety demonstration was also carried out by two other crew members and was clearly visible to all customers on this flight."

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